Why do flight attendants dislike flying to/from India so much? Are Indian passengers difficult?

The flight attendants' perspective on traveling to and from India has sparked discussions across numerous online forums. While opinions on this matter vary, several factors have been highlighted as possible reasons:

Demanding passengers:

Some flight attendants have shared instances where Indian passengers have displayed unnecessary demands, exceeding their entitled privileges.

Lack of protocol and etiquette awareness:

Instances of passengers hastily grabbing their luggage upon landing, disregarding safety instructions, and invading others' personal space exemplify a lack of understanding regarding protocol and etiquette.

Cultural differences:

Flight attendants often face challenges managing cultural practices, such as Indian passengers opting to eat with their fingers instead of cutlery. They often talk very loudly as well.

Cumbersome immigration process:

The immigration procedures in India can prove time-consuming and demanding for flight attendants to navigate effectively.

Last but not least:

It is important to emphasize that these viewpoints represent the experiences of a subset of flight attendants and should not be generalized to the behavior of all Indian passengers. In reality, the majority of Indian passengers exhibit proper conduct, and the quality of Indian crews is commendable.