Who was the rudest flight attendant you ever had?

Let's see what Danielle Miess, an experienced travel agent, has to say:

It was on Japan Air, of all airlines. Every other flight attendant I had was lovely… except one. She came around offering juice. I said I wanted some. She shoved her tray in my face and stared at me. I awkwardly took a cup. She continued to stare at me, with the tray still in my face. I put the cup down, and she stared at me more. I pick the cup back up. The tray is still in my face and had no idea what she was trying to get me to do so I took the tray. The flight attendant screamed, “JUST PUT THE CUP DOWN.” I was so startled, the guy next to me started laughing. I apologized and she gave me the dirtiest look. I was on 20 hours of flying and exhausted and so overwhelmed that I started crying when she walked away. She later came back and I asked for water and she gave me the size of a rinse cup of water. She didn’t give our section our customs paperwork either. I get maybe she was tired, but I work in customer service - you can’t snap at your customers that way.