When a train passes on a railway underpass, why do two-wheelers passing under it stop until the train passes?

Sometimes, while passing on the road, you may have noticed people standing under railway underpasses, patiently waiting for the train to pass. Have you ever wondered why they wait?

Although this may be a common occurrence, allow me to share some insight. As passengers travel by train, there are instances where some individuals dispose of garbage by throwing it out of the moving train. Unfortunately, this litter can end up falling on pedestrians or vehicles passing under the underpass.

Moreover, due to certain design limitations, waste and water from train toilets and washrooms are discharged directly onto the train tracks. Consequently, when trains pass through towns and cities, commuters and pedestrians are halted temporarily until the train has passed. This precautionary measure ensures that their vehicles and belongings remain clean and are not soiled by excreta or urine.

It's important to note that this information is not intended to place blame on the Indian Railways. They are indeed making significant efforts to improve infrastructure and cleanliness, aiming to prevent these issues. While there is still progress to be made, it is encouraging to see that steps have been taken in the right direction.