What’s something a flight attendant did to you that you will never forget?

Let's hear an interesting story from Priyabrata, a traveller from India.

I was flying direct from New Delhi to JFK. The flight was delayed for 1 hour because of weather. 4 hours back while landing at Delhi, the weather did seem choppy with severe crosswinds. I did expect a delay because Delhi airport is overcrowded and one delay leads to a chain of delays.

While standing at the boarding gate i saw a few frustrated faces. Things were calm for 30 minutes and then the boarding gate personal announced an additional delay of 1 hour and everyone lost it. They started shouting at the top of their voice.

Now, this is very common in India. Flight gets delayed and people simply start shouting. I mean at least try to understand the reason but no, we will shout.

I was extremely tired and sleep deprived at that time and all i wanted was peace. I didn’t get any. The crew who were also waiting were been bombarded with sarcastic one liners.

I saw two mid aged guys who were behind the entire ruckus. I lost it at the moment and went to them and made them understand the reason of the delay and why it was dangerous to fly at the moment. They didn’t budge. I opened flight radar and made them see that no airplanes were landing at that moment. After a lot of cribbing they finally understood.

I was relieved. So were the Air India personal and the crew.

We boarded. I was seated in economy. All I wanted to do was sleep. All of a sudden, the head purser came upto me and shifted me to business class.

If i wasn’t sleep deprived I would have been in cloud 9 but all i did was take my belongings go to the seat and SLEEP! The food was extremely good. Finally after we landed, the thank you note from the flight crew made it more memorable.