What things should one never buy when waiting for boarding at the airport?

There are too many things to list, but here are my top 5 no-no’s to purchasing at the airport:

1 - Clothes of any sort unless it’s an absolute necessity. Selections are small with sizes that rarely fit. Plus, the premium paid on clothes at the airport - even during “sales” - is still a jip.

2 - Electronics. Selection is small and everything is egregiously priced as they know travelers may be desperate.

3 - Those stupid 15 minute massages. There is no way to justify spending any money for that.

4 - Books, especially travel guides. You are going to pay list price and then-some because the booksellers have you over a barrel. Make sure to buy and pack yours before the trip.

5 - And finally, anything from a duty free store. Great, so you save maybe 6% on sales tax but spend an extra 10% to 15% on this scam. If you must bring booze, buy it on sale at a liquor store and pack it (in plastic) with your check-in luggage.