What is the saddest thing you’ve seen a parent do to their child in public?

Let's see what Thomas Cayne would like to share with us today:

A couple of years ago, I was having dinner in a restaurant in Verbania, Italy, and it was hard not to overhear an American family dining in the same place (because the mother was very loud). The couple had one daughter, and she’d just finished her plate.

The mother — who was morbidly obese — proposed that her daughter have another plate, but the daughter friendly refused because she’d had enough, and because “she needed to cut calories a bit” (she was slightly obese as well, but not at all like her mom).

Her mom immediately became really nasty, and started to talk down on her daughter in the most denigrating way:

“So you think you are BETTER than me ? You think you are better than MOMMY, and that you can be thin like all the ugly chopsticks out there ? Look down on me, HA ?”

She then filled her daughter’s plate with a ridiculous amount of food, and forced her to eat all of it, while proceeding the vile attack (“you will not get thin in this household !”).

It is both scary and sad to see that some mothers develop such a poisonous jealousy towards their daughters — especially when the daughters try to change their life for the better. As if some daughters are obliged to make the same mistakes their mothers made, over and over again.

I have seen the mother of an ex-girlfriend go berserk because the girl said she never wanted to be a housewife like her mom (without blaming her). I have seen the mother of Freya go crazy because our daughter could let her hair grow long, and Freya never was allowed to do that (so apparently that was a critique). I have seen a mother stating in public that her daughter was anorexic (which she wasn’t), while the mother was the one with an eating problem.

The daughter was crying, by the way.