What is the best seat on an airplane in economy class?

If you're going to sit in economy, you want to be sure you select a Main Cabin Extra seat. These are the best seats you'll find in the rear section of the plane. What makes these seats special is that they have extra pitch — that is, the distance between the seat back of one seat to the seatback of the seat in front.

Also Seats next to the Emergency Exits usually offer more legroom but beware of the window seats. On wide-body aircraft, the bulky compartment protruding from the door that houses the emergency slides may inhibit your legroom. In addition, this area also tends to be colder than the rest of the cabin.

If you want to avoid engine noise from the outside of the plane, keep clear of the back of the plane. Engine noise is deflected backwards, so sitting in front of the wing is your best chance of avoiding external noises, especially if you are seated on the window.