What is the best seat on an airplane in economy class?

Top 5 seats in economy class:

Exit rows:

Seats located near the emergency exit rows typically offer extra legroom, making them popular choices. However, keep in mind that these seats often do not recline or have storage under the seat in front of them. Additionally, some airlines may require passengers in exit row seats to meet certain criteria, such as being physically able to assist in an emergency.

Bulkhead seats:

These seats are located behind a solid partition or wall, usually at the front of the cabin or between cabins. They often have additional legroom due to the absence of seats in front, which can be beneficial for tall passengers or those who like more space. However, keep in mind that the tray tables and entertainment screens may be located in the armrests, which could limit seat width slightly.

Aisle seats:

If you value easy access to the aisle for stretching your legs, going to the restroom, or getting up without disturbing others, an aisle seat might be a good choice. Aisle seats also provide a bit more flexibility for movement during long flights.

Window seats:

If you enjoy looking out the window, having a window seat can be a great option. You'll have a view, and you won't be disturbed by other passengers needing to get up. Window seats can also provide a sidewall to lean against for sleeping or resting.

Seats away from high-traffic areas:

Seats located near galleys, restrooms, or areas where the crew congregates may experience more noise and foot traffic, which can be inconvenient or disruptive. Choosing a seat farther away from these areas may provide a quieter and more comfortable experience.