What happens if both pilots are incapacitated? Would the flight attendants be able to take over?

In the rare event that both pilots become incapacitated during a flight, flight attendants are not trained to take control of the plane and land it. Instead, there are procedures in place for the flight attendants to follow to attempt to revive the pilots and maintain control of the plane until help arrives.

If both pilots become incapacitated, the flight attendants will immediately try to revive them using emergency medical procedures and equipment on board. At the same time, the flight attendants will contact the airline's operations center and air traffic control to inform them of the situation and request assistance.

The airline's operations center will then work with a team of experts on the ground to determine the best course of action. This may include trying to communicate with the pilots or providing guidance to the flight attendants on how to maintain control of the plane.

In some cases, a pilot from another plane in the vicinity may be asked to assist with landing the incapacitated plane. Air traffic control will also clear a path for the plane to land and may provide guidance to the flight attendants on how to operate the plane's controls if necessary.