What do homeless people do all night if they aren’t staying in a shelter?

Today we would hear from Eylsno Kissile, who had spent 2 years homeless living on the street.

Homeless shelters, while they do have some upsides, the downsides are that they are more like jails - except that you can leave. That being said, at night you sleep or read or play around with your smartphone or other mobile device. Basically: Sit/lay down, shut up, and remain in your sleeping area until ‘Wake Up Call’, which is EARLY often 4 or 5 maybe 6am if you’re lucky. Jail is actually LESS restrictive in this aspect.

Living on the streets: Freedom. It has its upsides, and of course it comes with it's own set of downsides as well. And really, nighttime activities isn't much different than for those who are housed. Some work at their jobs. Shop at Walmart Supercenters or other 24hr stores. Sleep. Read. Web-surf. Go for a walk. Go workout and shower at the gym. Practically anything you can think of.

Then, there are others who use the cover of darkness at nighttime to get into mischief, commit crime, get into trouble.HOWEVER….. depending on the seasonal climates where you are homeless - particularly if you are in a hot and/or high humidity climate area, nighttime is often the BEST TIME for when you wanna get any chores completed, run your errands (especially if you are on foot or bicycle). Lay low during the day (if you are able to), stay in the shade, sleep/rest as much as you can(or are able to) until at least dusk, use the nighttime/early morning cooler temps to your advantage and get as much as you can done at night.

Picking up a JOB, esp. am indoor job of some kind can be HUGE when you are homeless. Aside from the “obvious” benefits that are reaped from employment - even just picking up a part-time gig or even just “volunteer” work at some charitable/non-profit organization, CAN MEAN the difference ofttimes between being stuck outdoors all day/night every day/night exposed to the heat, the rain, the cold, the snow, etc with FEW or NO options of escape.

When I was living on the streets of St Petersburg/Pinellas Park, FL during the spring AND summer which is ALSO hurricane season, I had a 14hr per week job at Big Lots. I freakin’ HATED the job itself, and especially my coworkers, BUT being indoors, in air conditioning, and actually having something productive to do (instead of being bored to death, and being “cooked” alive by that awful Florida heat/humidity, and THEN being EATEN ALIVE by all the neverending hordes of mosquitos - so I would actually look forward to going to work instead. Even being arrested and jailed CAN sometimes be a “blessing in disguise” particularly during inclement weather events such as tropical storms and hurricanes when you are homeless.

For the most part, all depending on the individual, basically doing the same kinds of things they would be doing if they were housed.