Our Commitment to you – 我們對您的承諾

Just as we see said on the Home Page, we are 100% transparent about our operating cost and the only way we sustain ourselves in keeping this place alive.

Put aside the labour hours our team spend on maintaining and updating the content and the cost of domain name and licence fee for the web-design software, we rent a huge storage server in making sure we have a huge database for you to enjoy. Therefore, we have to implement pop-up ADs to help with the cost, although we are still losing money every month. In order to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible, we have asked our advertising partner to keep it as low as possible - only 3 Ads per 24 hours per visit. We appreciate your understanding.



How much do we earn per 1,000 click? 每一千個點擊我們得到多少?

Less than $1.  低於1美元。