Japan passed a new law in governing the adult movie industry

Amidst controversy, the new law governing the porn industry in Japan has recently passed and come into effect. Under the new law, the perspective actress cannot be filmed within the first 30 days of signing the contract with the producer. Furthermore, the film shall not be released to the market until the 120th day upon completion. It may sound "okay" at the first glance. However, it brings a major blow to the entire industry.

How can the producers protect the company interests?

Rumour has it that the payment for the actresses would only be payable upon the release of the films. What does it mean?

If the actresses are in need of quick money, they would have to wait for 4 months, which is by no means practical. Worse still, the producers would no longer offer exclusive contracts for super stars. Furthermore, the agencies would not survive due to the lengthy payout process.

As the audience, what are the impacts?

For us, the heyday of enjoying an influx of new stars is over. Would investors still be willing to support the market if the actresses can pull the plug anytime they want?

Moreover, the orgy-type of film production would decrease due to an obvious reason - no one would be willing to bear the risk of losing everything if a single actor or actress regrets and decides to withdraw.

The only advantage is that the veterans in the industry would have more importance and attention. They are experienced and confident in the industry. Therefore, their motivation of filming would not be deterred by the new legislation.

Other underlying issues

On the other hand, the new law might provide an upper hand for the underground producers as they would never play by the rule anyway.

The ladies who are in need of money for urgency are in great troubles. For the talented ones, they could have received an exclusive contract with astronomical figures. Now, no one would be willing to invest in them. Very likely, they would have to resort to prostitution, which is potentially more dangerous than engaging in porn filming.

Anyway, it is pointless to cry over spilt milk. Let's hope for the best while be prepared for the worst!