How can we change our life in 5 minutes?

At this moment, we might be busy texting on social media, uploading pictures, comparing your life with others, doing pointless browsing, watching TV, searching google, working on university assignments, busy with office work on your laptop, watching movie or writing on your blog. Stop doing everything.

Take a break, relax, sit on the floor, close your eyes, withdraw yourself from all the aforesaid activities, stop thinking gradually, take deep breath and observe your breath with full concentration. Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful place with a peaceful mind, you are very satisfied and happy with your life, pretend that you have no worry, no stress and you are highly grateful to God for what you have. This small activity everyday will relax your mind, reduce distractions, enhance focus, enlighten your mind, control emotions and make your life smooth. You will be clearly ahead than 99% people by this outstanding 5 minutes practice.

Start this right now and practice everyday. Feel the change and your entire life will be completely U-turned from worst to amazing.