Be aware of pre-paid gym membership scam!

When the summer arrives, we tend to think of working out indoor. Alongside the ease of social distancing policy, gym rooms are reopening gradually.

We have to stay fit to become the alpha males. However, the plan of getting in-shape might make us easy target of over-priced gym plan or "celebrity" personal trainers. More often than not, they require a pre-paid subscription. What should we be aware of?

Read the contract thoroughly

Gym centres are notorious for urging you into enrollment as quickly as possible by upselling. They catch your attention with "perks" such as Physical data analysis or "Join Now" discount.

Haste makes waste - Impulsive decisions are the result of ignoring the details hidden in the contract. We should always take the words of the salesmen with a grain of salt. We must make sure what they claim verbally are identical to the black & white printed on the contract. Remember, only sign and pay when you fully understand the contract.

Think twice of what you actually need

Unscrupulous salespersons take advantages of your kind heart and shyness in pushing you into a deal. Before you say yes, consider your financial situation and whether you would really need such thing. Don't get impulsive by "perks" that you don't need or the "discount" offered to you by signing up for a contract that would last for years.

Understanding the policy

Different gym centres have different policy. Some of them enforce "auto renewal" so you must cancel the subscription 1 or 2 months prior to its expiry. For Instalment payments, please do your due diligence with your credit card issuer.

Spend wisely

Although pre-paid subscription might come with attractive discount rate, you may end up not being able to afford to pay when the monthly bank statement is due. When you are late for credit card bill, your credit report will be affected. In the long run, it may undermine your future prospects, such as mortgage, migration or employment.