Announcement: What if “500 ERROR” / “Video embed restricted” when opening the video?

(1) What is a 500 error?

500 error is usually associated with "Temporary connectivity issues" / "Large files on the website" / "Exhausted PHP memory limit on the website". We have thousands of visitors every day so sometimes you would see a '500 error' when clicking the link to watch the movie.

How can it be fixed?

While there isn't a permanent fix for this issue, simply refresh the video page (the target link, usually an external link, such as would do. At most, it only requires a few "F5 refresh" before you can enjoy the movie.

(2) What should I do if I see "Video embed restricted"?

Don't panic. It would be a easy fix.

Just do the followings in order:

  • Copy the target url (
  • Open another browser (other than the one you are currently using)
  • paste the target url and visit
  • There you go! The video starts playing immediately!