Advice on making your stay at the airport enjoyable

Under the influence of Covid-19, we have not been able to travel freely for a long time. However, it'd still be worthwhile to remind us of how we can make our stay as pleasant as possible when we wait for our next flight.

  • Take an empty bottle with you when clearing the security check

It is a small step but it saves a lot in the long run. Take an empty bottle for passing the security. Then, help yourself with the fountain - the water that you buy at the shops in the boarding area cost a lot more!

  • Always use the travelators

Hands down! Unless you walk really fast, you won't be able to outrun the people on the travelators. Also, why would you bother to sweat yourself with much luggage?

the only exception - Staircase between elevators, like this:

Walking upward would definitely have the upper hand - you would be faster than 100 + travellers and it is very important if there is passport control ahead.

  • Look for business travelers at the queue

Typically the line that comprises mostly of business travelers would most faster - as they are well verse with the protocol and therefore get through the checkpoint quickly

  • Identify the nearest emergency exit when on board

It is often overlooked but it does save your life!

When you are on board, measure carefully the distance between your seat and the nearest exit. Even with emergency lighting, it'd still be very difficult to see clearly if the flight is filled with smoke, screaming people, noise, even water perhaps. Counting the number of headrests between you and the emergency exit (in front and behind you) may make a difference between life and death. The ultimate 'hack' is to climb over the seats rather than trying to escape down the aisle. People will, by instinct, walk through the aisle during an emergency. Grab your children and climb over the seat backs next to the window. Try and help others of course, but always look after yourself first.